Cultural identity

A strong cultural identity is an important part of how young people see and value themselves. Some communities may have limited control over the stigma and discrimination they experience. However, there is still much they can do to help young people feel good about their cultural identity and develop tools to deal with stigma and discrimination.

Culture contributes to resiliency when:

  • Youth see themselves as belonging to a cultural community.
  • Youth know about and value their culture.
  • Youth take part in cultural traditions.
  • Youth are involved in their faith group.
  • Youth who move to a new country or cultural context receive support in managing cultural adaptation and shifts in values.
  • Youth have a critical awareness of stigma and discrimination.

Strategies for strengthening this factor:

  • Find and make opportunities for taking part in cultural traditions and celebrations.
  • Find and make opportunities for youth to learn about stigma and discrimination and to critically reflect on how this impacts their lives.

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