Youth working together to create change

Back in 2000, ten youth decided that things in their community had to change. Youth-related issues were not being addressed in their neighbourhood, and they wanted to increase dialogue with local political leaders and councillors. They organized an event to bring youth together to talk about the lack of services and recreational opportunities for youth. This laid the foundation for the South Etobicoke Youth Assembly (SEYA), now housed at the LAMP Community Health Centre.
Today, SEYA continues to bring about 200 youth, aged 14 to 19, together annually, to make a positive difference in their community. Youth organize activities based on members’ needs and interests. There have been events like the annual RUCKUS Show where youth can showcase their fashion, talents and creativity, and skill-building workshops on topics such as leadership and teamwork. SEYA also creates opportunities for youth to get engaged in their community and to learn about leadership and civic engagement. For example, SEYA members have given deputations to municipal councils and committees and they engage with many different community organizations in Toronto.
SEYA not only provides youth with opportunities to build strong social networks and make a positive contribution in their community, but also to strengthen their Skills Factor. The youth have many opportunities for personal growth, to learn about and practice interpersonal skills, to build critical thinking skills, and to develop talents and skills in their areas of interest.
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