Unfiltering the facts to healthy, resilient youth

The City of Hamilton is striving to be the best place to be a child or youth. The local public health unit knows that youth engagement is the key to achieving this vision. They are working with youth to build a movement through their Unfiltered Facts Project.

Unfiltered Facts is a youth-led anti-industry movement that provides the uncensored facts about the tobacco industry and other industries that affect young people with the aim of helping youth make informed decisions about their health and well-being. There are many ways for youth to get involved in the Unfiltered Facts movement.

Leadership summits and mini-grants are just some ways they equip students with knowledge, skills, and resources to take action to improve health in middle and high schools across the city. Young people also take action around the city using fun and creative street-marketing events. Youth have used mock funerals, “arresting” convenience stores for being tobacco industry henchmen, and chalking sidewalks around youth-oriented spaces to raise awareness. They also take part in advocating for better tobacco control policies.

The Unfiltered Facts movement is powered by positive youth and adult partnerships. Young volunteers run the movement’s website, recruit new volunteers, and plan and run the leadership summits, street-marketing, and other events. Hamilton Public Health knows that by supporting youth leadership and providing young people with opportunities and services, they can help make the city a great place!

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